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Wireless Communications

The right hardware for any application. Our product line offers flexible options to integrate seamlessly into the most demanding application. From multiple devices concentrated in one location to devices located across the globe, we have the solution.

  • Geosynchronous Satellite
  • CDMA and GSM Cellular
  • Zigbee Mesh Networking
  • 900MHz Spread Spectrum

Stay Informed

Our feature rich dashboard keeps you up to date in the office, in the field and on the go. Monitor, analyze, and respond to critical process events all from the device of your choice.

Increase Productivity. Decrease Expenses

Eliminate costly site visits and troubleshoot remotely. Every client application is configured to their exact specifications to meet needs and exceed expectations. Put our technology to work for your organization to maximize the efficiency of your workforce.

Alarm Notifications. Anywhere, Anytime

Configure users in groups, schedules, and the method of how they receive alarms. Select order and time of day users are notified.

  • Email Supported
  • Voice Notification Supported
  • Text Message Supported